Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Use Recipe Notes to Document Your Memories

Creating an heirloom cookbook is one of the most valuable gifts you will give to your family. Not only will your recipes be documented and cherished, but you will have the opportunity to pass on cooking tips and family stories as well.

We've made a list of things you can document on your recipes for future cooks. These tidbits will also make your family cookbook so precious!

  • Dates and Methods:
    It can be very helpful to write down any recipe modifications on the back of your recipes. This way you will be able to remember your process if you would like to pass down or share your recipe. Remember to record the date!

    Most of us have special food memories from our birthdays.

  • Occasions:
    Do certain foods remind you of childhood meals or special occasions? Add notes to your recipes to describe the occasion and any memories associated with the event.

    Example: My favorite cake growing up was my grandmother Lois’ Chocolate Cake with Sticky Icing, and I would request it for every birthday. On the back of her recipe is a note: “Kate’s favorite cake.”

  • Watermelon was a childhood comfort food for many of us!

  • Stories & Anecdotes: Do you have any picky eaters in your family? How about eating habits? Write these precious bits down! Your family will love reading about it later.

    Example: In my own family’s Secret Ingredients cookbook, my mother wrote a note about my great-grandfather who always combined unusual ice cream flavors with his pie. He would eat mint ice-cream with peach cobbler- weird!

Here are some other questions that may spark your food memories:
  • Where did your recipe come from?

  • Is/was this a "regular" on your family's menu?

  • Do you have suggestions for preparation or presentation?

Remember that the Secret Ingredients website makes adding your Recipe Notes very simple. Be sure to sign up for your Free Trial Account today!

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