Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Family Cookbook Tip: Add Stock Pot Recipes to Your Cookbook

We just added a new feature to your cookbook project, Secret Ingredients cookbookers! Today we announce the arrival of another great interactive feature of our website... (drum roll please):

The Stock Pot "Add This Recipe" Feature!

Are you short on recipes and need to borrow some from our Stock Pot? Would you like to add Anne's delicious Apple Cake recipe (see yesterday's post) to your Secret Ingredients cookbook? Now you can! We even let you edit the recipes to your liking!

Here are simple directions:
  1. Log into your Secret Ingredients account or set-up a Free Trial account.

  2. Browse through the Stock Pot and find delicious recipes from family cooks everywhere!

  3. Click on a recipe title that catches your attention.

  4. At the bottom of the recipe you will see a "Add This Recipe" button. Click it!

  5. Now edit the recipe to your liking!
How cool is this! Remember each Secret Ingredients cookbook holds 250 recipes, so be sure to fill up any extra space with other's proven family recipes.

Why was this feature added?

I've been making family cookbooks for five and a half years now, and I've learned a lot about family recipe collections! Each Secret Ingredients family cookbook is very unique because of the family history, recipe origins, and stories; however, I have noticed that most family recipe collections have several things in common. Usually cookbookers have a pretty extensive Desserts section, but some people need help with sections like Beverages and Sauces. This should fix the problem!

Do you have suggestions that would help us improve the website? Please email your suggestions to me!


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