Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Have Their Cake & Eat It Too: Email Recipe Requests

Email Recipe Requests are a special feature exclusive to Secret Ingredients' online cookbook projects. Recipe requests make cookbook projects so much easier. It will save you time, help prevent carpal tunnel, and get your cookbooks finished more quickly!

Here are some advantages and ideas for using Secret Ingredients' Recipe Requests to make your own cookbook:

The Good Cooks!
Do you have a sister or aunt who is an incredible cook? Now you can ask her for her recipes through the Secret Ingredients website, and you won't even have to type them yourself! Bingo!

Creating a Cookbook with a Large Group of People
We have had several families use Recipe Requests lately to create a family cookbook for birthday or wedding gifts. If you would like to create a cookbook quickly, simply create an account and send your family members and friends recipe forms that they can fill out at their convenience. Usually the more people involved the more quickly your cookbook is finished. That, of course, depends on the number of procrastinators in your group!

A Surprise Gift
If you want to create a family or heirloom cookbook as a surprise gift, but you need to get recipes from the gift recipient... you can! Sending Email Recipe Requests only allows the recipient to add recipes. They will not have access to your cookbook project, and therefore will not figure out your surprise!

To send Recipe Requests simply log into your Secret Ingredients cookbook project. Click on Email Recipe Requests. Add your email addresses, and we will take care of the rest!

If you do not have a Secret Ingredients account, be sure to sign up for a FREE Trial Account today!

Stay Tuned tomorrow for a very special announcement! This week we are launching a HUGE contest and will be giving free Secret Ingredients cookbooks to our winners!


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