Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finding New Recipes and Cookbooks Online

As we all know, the Internet is an amazing resource... especially for food and recipes! We have categorized some of our favorite recipe sites to help you organize your online recipe hunting.

3 Huge Recipe Sites

AllRecipes- Allrecipes has more than 30,000 free recipes - all created, tested, reviewed and approved by home cooks worldwide.

Epicurious- Epicurious is the online home of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. The website features recipes, menus, chefs, wine, drinks, and cooking demos.

RecipeZaar- This site boasts over 170,000 free recipes. Recipes are shared and rated by users.

Specialized Recipes

FoodTV: Get Healthy- If you are looking for low cal, carb, calorie, cholesterol or fat recipes, this is your answer! You will also find diabetic recipes, a whole grains guide and a fat & calorie calculator.

Southwest Cuisine- The photos on this site make me hungry! This website has delicious recipes, and each one has a photo of the final presentation.

Great Cajun Cooking- From Gumbos to Jambalaya this website covers all of the Cajun favorites. Search recipes by area. From Afghanistan to Sri Lanka and Indonesia, this website covers some culinary territory!

French Selections- You will find most of the French classics on this site. The Dessert recipes look particularly delicious, but then again.. don't they always!

Funky Munky's South African Recipes- Try something new with these traditional South African website. The Funky Munky has even included a list of links to businesses in various countries that sell South African goods.

I know that we barely covered the realm of international cuisine. We noticed that the 3 Huge Recipe sites (listed above) cover most of the other cuisines better than independent sites. If you have suggestions, please let me know and we will continue to post recipe links.

Cookbook Websites

Looking for new cookbooks? These two websites are great resources that will save you money: Why buy cookbooks when you can download them for under $10? You can find cookbooks on this site for any occasion, theme, or specialty. Great value! Cookbooks are heavily discounted on this website. They also have a closeout section.

In my experience you are lucky to find a cookbook with more than 4 or 5 recipes that you absolutely love, although there are classics that are an exception to this rule. That's just one more reason why Secret Ingredients heirloom cookbooks are so great! Our cookbooks ONLY have recipes that you love! Create your family cookbook today. Your family recipes will never go out of style or sit on the shelf.


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