Thursday, September 07, 2006

Make Cooking Easier for Older Generations

We are on a roll this week, helping you get prepared to celebrate Grandparent’s Day on September 10th.

My childhood friend Sarah grew up in my backyard. (Of course, she likes to say that I grew up in her backyard, but that’s another issue!) We were inseparable in our teenage years and were welcomed into each other’s homes as family.

Sarah and I now live five hours apart, but twice a year we meet halfway at her grandmother’s house. Sarah’s grandmother, Gammie, fixes us a delicious “comfort food” meal while Sarah and I catch up and giggle like school girls!

Gammie is one of the most dignified, elegant women I have ever met. She’s an incredible hostess and cook, and I feel so warm and fuzzy each time I come for a visit! Recently I met Sarah at Gammie’s, but something was different. Gammie had slipped at the grocery store and broken her arm and cooking was very difficult for her.

Sarah and I gladly took over the meal and set out to make things perfectly easy for Gammie who has shown us so much love in the past. However, I was upset to see how difficult things were for Gammie.

I did some research this week, and I have found a list of items that will make cooking and daily life much easier for people suffering with injuries, arthritis, etc. I thought this would be very helpful information for Secret Ingredients’ Grandparents’ week…

  • Grip N Flip
  • Utensils-
    These utensils are perfect for flipping, lifting, and serving hard-to-hold foods.

  • Lids Off™ Jar Opener
  • from Black n'Decker®-
    Lids Off™ makes opening jars effortless and is perfect for anyone who suffers arthritis or weak hands. Now you can open a jar with only one hand!

  • Black n’ Decker Cordless Can Opener-

  • Battery Operated Sifter

  • Sifting is close to impossible for weak hands. This lightweight sifter does all the work.

  • Bag Opener with Magnet
  • The bag opener is ideal for people who find it difficult to open sealed plastic bags.

  • The Spreadboard-
  • The Spreadboard holds bread in place while spreading jam, butter, or whatever you choose. Perfect if you only have the use of one hand.

  • Starfrit Rotato Potato Peeler Express
  • - The Rotato® Express is the amazing peeling machine that peels away potato, vegetables and fruit skins – in seconds – in one fast, easy motion.

  • Toastmaster Chopster

    • Honor your favorite family cook by creating an heirloom cookbook full of family recipes! Posted by Picasa


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