Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Honor Thy Family Cook!

September 10th is National Grandparents’ Day, and we are celebrating!

Do you have warm, fuzzy memories of eating your grandmother’s home-cooked meals?

I will never forget eating wonderful Southern meals every Sunday at my Grandmother Lois’ house. These meals were an act of love! Her family recipes instantly take me back to those days of warm, delicious meals and family laughter…

Today I hope to inspire you to celebrate the cooks in your family who have shown their love for you through food…
  • Family Cookbook-
    Create a family cookbook to celebrate your favorite cook. Fill it with photographs of the cook in his/her kitchen and the entire family enjoying the food. Document the family recipes so that future generations can celebrate and continue the traditions.

  • Scrapbook-
    Honor each family cook in a scrapbook! We recommend devoting several pages to each cook. Add a photograph of each chef in their own kitchen and include their favorite recipes. Remember to ask each cook for their cooking tips and about their times in the kitchen, as well as stories about memorable “food occasions”.

  • Frame Idea-
    Find a picture of your family cook in his/her kitchen. Also, find a recipe card that has a favorite family recipe written in handwriting. Have the two items custom framed together.

  • Video Camera-
    Bring out the camera and video your family’s cooks in their kitchen. Ask them to talk about their recipes and tell stories about the recipes and special foods. You’ll be so glad you did this! Not only will you have the stories documented but you’ll capture their voice and presence on film. Your video will be cherished for generations!
I hope this inspires you to celebrate and remember the meals and foods that have been made for you out of love! The times we have with loved ones around the table and in the kitchen are some of life’s most beautiful moments. Posted by Picasa Posted by Picasa


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