Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Perfect Wedding Gift for the Fall Bride

Fall wedding season is here! Although weddings are now celebrated all year long, many brides will be walking down the aisle this fall.

Finding a unique wedding gift can be difficult. If you are like me, you always have to buy “the perfect gift.” Something unique. Special. Memorable.

Although it’s very important that the bride and groom get the things they need to begin their life together, how do you find a gift that will be even more meaningful and memorable than silver and place settings?

We have the perfect solution- a Secret Ingredients wedding cookbook! With recipes and photographs, it’s the combination of personal cookbook and scrapbook that makes this gift so great.

How do you create a SI wedding cookbook? Members of the bride and groom’s families contribute recipes and photographs and customize a Wedding Dedication page for the couple. This way the happy couple will be able to celebrate the traditions and family recipes from both families.

Another idea is to gather all of your friends and give your friend, the new bride, a wedding cookbook from the girls.

Check out a sample of a wedding cookbook here. Be sure to click on "Fashionably Late."

Whether you are a family member or friend, our website will help you out tremendously. Click here to set-up an account. Then, send out Recipe Requests to your friends. This is an email that contains a re-usable recipe form, so your friends can enter the recipes they would like to include at a time that is convenient for them. This makes a wedding cookbook project very simple and fun. The recipes will be added to your account, so you can see what’s been added and even edit the recipes.

You will then upload or send us 15 photographs for the cookbook and customize the Wedding dedication page. It only takes the Secret Ingredients team 14 business days to complete your cookbook! The new bride will feel so honored with this gift, and you will feel satisfied knowing that she has been celebrated appropriately!

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