Wednesday, October 04, 2006

News (Old and New!) at Secret Ingredients

Guess what? Secret Ingredients will be launching a new product line very soon. How exciting! Our new line of custom cookbooks will help you create recipe scrapbooks for all occasions. Short on time or cash? No worries- our new cookbooks are elegant, affordable, and you may enter as many or as few recipes as you would like!

Stay tuned to learn more about our new treasures. We hope to launch the new product line at the beginning of November- just in time for Christmas gifts. Our new books even come in a holiday theme- perfect for giving friends and neighbors during the Holidays.

This week I am putting the finishing touches on the new cookbooks. My mother is so excited about our new Holiday books that I am using her favorite recipes to create the samples for our website. Each year, my mother makes miniature rum cakes, Friendship Soup mix, homemade oyster crackers, and peach preserves for her friends and neighbors. This year she is so excited to include a Holiday collection of her favorite recipes!

Last week she gave me the family cookbook her grandmother made for my mother's wedding gift, so that I can add these recipes to her holiday cookbooks.

Reading the recipes from my mother's handwritten family cookbook was quite a chore. Not only is my great-grandmother's handwriting difficult to read, but the pages are starting to age and the ink is fading.

I even enhanced the picture below with graphic filters to make it easier and clearer for you to see!

Lately we have received a lot of phone calls from customers who want to include scans from old family journals, cookbooks, and news clippings in their Secret Ingredients cookbooks. Including these items in a family cookbook is ideal, because it is difficult to protect, preserve, and share these documents with your family members and future generations.

Because of my own experience with my family's handwritten heirloom cookbook and because there has been a lot of talk about preserving older documents and photographs with our customers, I've decided to devote special attention to storing and sharing heirloom documents and photographs on the blog this week.

Stay tuned tomorrow for tips on storing your family cookbook, journals, and other paper items... Posted by Picasa


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