Saturday, September 23, 2006

An Apple A Day

Autumn is the season for apples, and we're seeing more and more fresh, crisp varieties of apples available in grocery stores and farmer's markets. Apples have incredible health benefits, are high in fiber, low in sugar, and are a perfect refreshing fall snack. You can enjoy them fresh, or use them in a pie, a Brown Betty, bake them, or enjoy them in products like Apple Butter, or, my favorite fall treat, Apple Cider. We've even included a favorite apple recipe from one of our customers in an earlier posting, THE Apple Cake! Just remember, when eating apples, that it's a good idea to either eat or include their skins; over half of the vitamin C in an apple is in the thin layer of fruit just below the skin.

Apples are also a wonderful way to lower your sugar intake during the day. Instead of grabbing crackers or cookies, reach for an apple!? In the 1800s, average sugar consumption per person in America was 12 pounds per year. By 1990, Americans were eating 137.5 pounds per year! (Food Consumption, Prices and Expenditures, United States Department of Agriculture, 1991). Choosing fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks can help limit the amount of sugar we eat, and replace the empty calories of refined sugar with healthier fare.

Do you have a favorite fall apple memory? If so, send it in and enter to win one of ten free Secret Ingredients cookbooks! We can't wait to hear from you!

(When drinking cider, Center for Science in the Public Interest has this reminder:
"Unpasteurized apple cider is a holiday food that may contain harmful bacteria. Check the label to see if the cider is unpasteurized. If serving cider to the elderly or young or those with weakened immune systems, buy pasteurized apple cider. If you want to buy unpasteurized cider or are unsure if the cider is pasteurized, mull the cider by heating it to 160° F or boiling it if you don't have a thermometer. Serve it warm or cold.")


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

137 lbs a year???! Egad!

I love Autumn apples, the hubby and I went apple picking at a local farm yesterday. There's nothing like fresh, homegrown apples. The supermarket variety are so bland by comparison!



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