Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to Enter Recipes with Multiple Sections

Recipe Sections are one of the great features included in each Secret Ingredients cookbook project. Because the Secret Ingredients team alphabetizes your recipes for you, we wanted you to be able to link recipes within a recipe. This way recipes that are related to one another won't be separated when they are alphabetized!

Do you have a cake recipe that contains two parts- one for the cake and one for the icing?

This is the perfect example of when you would use our Recipe Section feature. Here's another example: My mother always serves Bordelaise Sauce, Horseradish, and Yorkshire Pudding with her favorite roast beef recipe. So, when we made our family cookbook we used Recipe Sections to link the three sides with her original roast beef recipe.

How do you use Secret Ingredients' Recipe Sections?

  • Enter the first section in your "Add Recipe" form. For example, if you have a cake/icing recipe, enter the cake recipe first.
  • Instead of clicking "Recipe Complete" after you type your recipe, click "Next Section."
  • Enter the second recipe section. This is when you would enter the fabulous icing recipe for your cake.

  • Continue until you have added all recipe sections. Then click "Recipe Complete."

To review your Recipe Sections, click on "Recipes." Find your recipe by clicking on its category. You will notice that the recipe sections are listed underneath the first recipe title. Each section can be edited separately. How handy is that!

You do not have to use Recipe Sections if you don't want to. Enter your recipes exactly as you would like them printed.

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