Monday, October 09, 2006

Keep Your Group Members on Track!

I spoke with a Secret Ingredients member this morning who has been planning her family cookbook for an entire year. Not only has she collected the family photographs, journals, and recipes from past generations, but she has also asked her family members to contribute their favorite recipes and stories as well.

The entire family is very excited about her project. They ask her for updates each time they get together for a meal or outing and are thrilled that they can order their own personal copies. However, she is having a very hard time getting everyone to submit their recipes on time.

When you are working on a family project with a large group of people, it can be very difficult to keep everyone focused! Over the years, I have helped many large families and social groups coordinate cookbook projects, and I would like to share the most effective ways to keep your group on track...

  1. Updates: Send your group updates on your cookbook project regularly. This reminds them about the project and creates excitement. You may consider including a list of the recipes that have been submitted so far. You would be surprised how effective this is. No one wants to feel left out!

  2. Family Newsletters: Include cookbook updates in your family newsletter along with stories and memories that will be documented in your cookbook. Need ideas for family newsletters? Stay tuned to the Secret Ingrediets blog tomorrow for more details.

  3. Plan a Get-Together: Why not plan a recipe potluck to celebrate your cookbook project? Each person can bring his/her favorite dish from the recipes that they will be adding to the cookbook. This is a great way to make your cookbook project more fun, and you get a delicious meal! Read about the Sobel/Pirtle family's Secret Ingredients party that took place in Tucson this summer for ideas.

  4. Procrastinators: If you have group members who are particularly busy or are a little lazy, why not ask if they need help? Teenage children will have fun entering recipes for anyone who needs help.

  5. We have included many features in our website that make group projects very simple. Each group member may log in to the group cookbook project at any time to enter his/her recipes. Every group member will be able to access all the recipes within the project to make sure that their favorites are being added. Furthermore, the group leader ("Head Chef") can leave a note for all the other members, so coordinating is simple.

    There are several benefits to group cookbook projects. Group projects are a great way to unite your extended family in a meaningful project. Together you can celebrate the traditions, stories, and memories that you all treasure. Also, remember the larger the group the less typing you will have to do yourself!

    Set- up a free trial account for your group cookbook project today!


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