Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tips for Storing Your Paper Heirlooms

The Secret Ingredients team was busy yesterday finding the best ways for you to store your family history documents. We found solutions for all your paper heirlooms from family journals to newspaper clippings and photographs...

  • Storage Environment: Don’t store your family history documents and other paper heirlooms in your attic or basement with your off-season clothes and tools! Basements and attics are often too hot, dry or humid. Also, remember to store your heirlooms away from water sources- pipes, plumbing, or areas that could be at risk for flooding.

  • Important Books: Be sure to store books on smooth shelves that are sealed or coated. Unsealed wood can release acidic vapors that will damage your pages.

  • Newspaper Clippings: If possible, laminate newspaper clippings and loose papers. Newspaper becomes very fragile when it is exposed to light and may damage other paper items or photographs if it is not laminated or stored separately.

  • Photographs: Store your photographs in high quality photo albums or in plastic sleeves. You can find inexpensive clear envelopes with an adhesive strip at Do not store photographs in acidic paper envelopes or with rubber bands, paper clips, or poor quality adhesives. Keep your photographs away from any products that contain sulfur dioxide, cardboard, plywood, or fumes from paint or cleaning supplies.

  • Archival Boxes: Store your paper heirlooms in high quality, archival boxes. This website,, has many options in all price ranges. Also, check The Container Store for affordable options for all document types.

  • Make copies: Make several photocopies of articles with photographs and graphics. Type a back-up copy of journals, articles, and handwritten notes. Remember that ink may fade over the years, and handwriting can be difficult for future generations to interpret.

  • If you are interested in documenting and storing your family recipes, stories, and photographs, check out Secret Ingredients heirloom cookbooks. Set-up your free trial account today!

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